FSM Rules...
Here are the Rules...

The rules and guidelines for the Sports-Bettors Monitor are fair and simple. The Sports-Bettors FREE Sports monitor is concerned with the most important aspect of sports handicapping, wins and losses.

Services and Free cappers alike, will have the option of designating any or all of their plays as "TOP PLAYS".

This will NOT affect the overall standings, as all plays will be graded as one unit plays, however the FREE Sports Monitor allows users to search and view records based on certain criteria, one of which is Top Plays only. So, if you do well on your Top Plays, it will be recognized.

For the purposes of the FREE Sports Monitor, a unit will be based on a $100 bet.

Your plays will be graded based on the line at the time you make your play, just like in the real world!

Sports Services plays will be available to the public 10 minutes after the game starts, unless you choose to offer any or all of your plays as a comp, in which case those plays will be available before the games start. uses a live line feed from Olympic Sports.

Please direct questions to